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Peristaltic pumps

Miniature peristaltic pumps in the flor range from nl up to litre.

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  • 30 - 60 ml/min
  • 80 - 100 ml/min
  • 200 - 350 ml/min
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  • 1000 - 1600 ml/min
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Product overview


Ultra miniature peristaltic pump
(under development)

Ultra miniature peristaltic pumpSpecial micro pump for portable systems (Insultin-Systems for example)
  • Dimensions only 11 x 37 x 12mm
  • Flow or dosage of few micro litres (0,6 µl / rotation)

Chip Pump

 Chip Pump This system integrates a peristaltic pump into a PDMS chip. The liquid inside the channels of the chip is pumped from the rollers to a peristaltic pump by squeezing the fluidic channels. Ausschließlich der wechselbare PDMS Chip ist medienberührend

RP-TX Series

RP-TX SeriesMiniature peristaltic pump with stepper motor for dosing or pumping very small volumes of liquids. Due to the exchangeable of the pump head, this pump offers a maximum of flexibility.
  • Flow rate range: 0.03 - 40µl/min (stepper motor)
  • Channels: 1

RP-Q | RP-QX Series

RP-Q1 SeriesMiniature peristaltic pump - 32.0 x 20.0 x 46.0 mm (L x W x D) - for pumping very small volumes of liquids.
  • Flow rate range: 0.50 - 1.00ml/min
  • Channels: 1

RP-HX Series

RP-HX SeriesMiniature peristaltic pump with stepper motor for dosing or pumping very small volumes of liquids. Easily exchangeable pump head with magnetic mechanism
  • Flow rate rates from 2 - 400 μl/min, 2 - 350 μl/min or 5 - 1000 μl/min (depending on the tube size with stepper motor)
  • Channels: 1

RP-QX Series

RP-QX SeriesMiniature peristaltic pump - 32.0 x 20.0 x 46.0 mm (L x W x D) - for delivery of up to 1.1 ml/min
  • Flow rate range: 0.5 ml/min | 1.0 ml/min
  • channels: 1


RP-QII &smp; RP-QIII SeriesMiniature peristaltic pump with exchangeable pump head
  • Flow rate range 0.45 - 3.0ml/min
  • Channels: 1

RP-RO 6-channel micro peristaltic pump

RP-RO 6-channel micro peristaltic pumpMiniature peristaltic pump with 6 channels - 84.0 x 31.0 x 32.0 mm (L x W x D) - for pumping of up to 0.8 ml/min per channel (DC-Motor), 0.23 - 350 μl/min per channel (Stepper-Motor)
  • Tube: Silicone 1.0 x 2.0 mm
  • Channels: 6
  • Easy changing of Tubes

RP-CIII Series

RP-CIII SeriesSmall peristaltic pump with easily exchangeable pump head using a snap mechanism.
  • 2ml/min | 3ml/min
  • Tubes: Silicone | Pharmed®

RP-GIII Series

RP-GIII SeriesMiniature peristaltic pump with DC brush motor for pumping liquids.
  • 2.5 ml/min to 12 ml/min
  • Tubes: Silicone | PharMed® | Fluran

RP-GII Series

RP-GII SeriesMiniature peristaltic pump with DC brush motor for pumping liquids.
  • 10ml/min to 45ml/min
  • Tubes: Silicone | PharMed® | Norprene® | TM-15

RP-2GII Series

RP-2GII SeriesMiniature double head peristaltic pump with DC brush motor for pumping liquids.
  • 20ml/min to 80ml/min
  • Tubes: Silicone | PharMed® | Norprene® | TM-15

RP-M Series

RP-M SeriesDurable peristaltic pump with DC brush motor.
  • 10ml | 20ml | 40ml
  • Tubes: Silicone | PharMed® | TM-15 | SWFT

RP-KII Series

RP-KII SeriesPeristaltic pump with DC brush motor.
  • 50ml | 100ml | 150ml | 200ml | 250ml
  • Tubes: Silicone | Norprene® | TM-15

RP-WII Series

RP-WII SeriesPeristaltic pump in robust design - 24VDC.
  • 350ml | 500ml
  • Tubes: PharMed®

RP-S Series

RP-S SeriesPeristaltic pump with large flow rate.
  • 500ml | 700ml | 800ml
  • Tubes: Norprene® | PharMed® | TM-15

RP-2S Series

RP-2S SeriesDouble-head peristaltic pump with large flow rate.
  • 1000ml | 1400ml | 1600ml
  • Tubes: Silicone | PharMed® | TM-15

Information about miniature peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps are used in medical, analytical and industrial technology in a wide variety of applications. For example, as dosing pumps, feed pumps for samples in the laboratory or blood in dialysis machines, as rinsing pumps for cleaning applications or in automatic beverage dispensers.

Usually the peristaltic pumps are self-priming and push the medium in the inserted tube by pinching and moving it with one or more rollers. The roller system is usually designed to squeeze the tube at least at one point at any time, which stops the flow of the medium when the pump is switched off - like a valve. In addition to silicone tubes, there are also tubes available, which are made of resistant materials such as Pharmed®, Marprene®/Bioprene®, Norprene® or Tygon®, enabling a wide range fluids. With this type of pump it is also possible to pump higher viscosity fluids or fluids with larger particles.

Depending on the application and life-time of the tubes, it may be necessary to change the tube in certain maintenance intervals. This is possible with some pump heads by changing the tube with the head. Usually maintenance-friendly mechanisms such as flaps, rotary or snap mechanisms are developed for this purpose.

For dosing applications, peristaltic pumps with a stepper motor are particularly suitable as a drive, because individual dosing intervals can be controlled precisely . By usning less rollers with a larger diameter, the life-time of the inserted tube will increase and the maintenance intervals can be extended.

Miniature peristaltic pumps according to the Ring Pump principle

The innovative miniature peristaltic pumps, based on the Ring Pump principle, operate with a single eccentrically rotating roller. This solution enables the smallest designs and minimum flow rates in the lower microlitre range which makes it possible to use them in microfluidics.

Maintenance intervals and tube life-time significantly extended

Ring Pump

Due to the Ring Pump mechanism, the maintenance intervals of these pumps can be significantly increased compared to standard peristaltic pumps. In applications with operating times of several minutes per day, the tubes (e.g. Norprene®, Pharmed®) of the pumps can usually be used for many years. The gentle squeezing of the tubes significantly reduces the risk of sticking, especially if the pump is operated at regular intervals. Further optimizations of the Ring Pumps enable extremely long tube operating times. Read more about this pump system in the technical information on Ring Pump peristaltic pumps. A selection of these pump types can be filtered in the list above.