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SMV Series - Shape Memory Alloy Diaphragm Isolation Valve - Low Cost

Orifice diameter 0.4 - 0.8mm

SMV Series Size
SMV Series Valve Dimensions
SMV Manifold
SMV Serie


2/2-way shape memory alloy diaphragm isolation valve with fluid separation.

By using a Shape Memory Alloy instead of a magnet, the switching process is almost silent and requires only a very low power of 0.3 W. This technology makes the switching process significantly slower compared to solenoid valves, which means that the valves are especially suitable for applications that need to react sensitively to fast flow movements.

The compact design of only 4.0 x 19.0 x 18.4 mm and the flange connection enable extremely compact integration in microfluidic systems.

We can offer this valve as a low-cost valve.


2/2-way normally closed
Orifice diameter
0.4 mm | 0.8 mm
Port Connection
hose barbs | flange
Operating current
250 mA
(please note the note)
Operating pressure range
Input: 0 - 1000 mbar | 0 - 2000 mbar | 0 - 2500 mbar
Output: 0 - 500 mbar | 0 - 1000 mbar
Diaphragm material
FPM | EPDM | FFKM (other materials on request)
Body material
PPS | PEEK (other materials on request)
Fluid temperature range
5 - 40°C
Ambient temperature range
5 - 40°C
Power consumption
0.3 W
Switching time
600 ms
Operating mode
max. 0.6 Hz
Mounting direction
Fluid resistance
neutral and aggressive liquids / gases
(see resistance lists)
4.0 x 18.4 x 19.0 mm
approx. 1g
SMV control

Power supply precautions

  1. Constant power supply recommended.
  2. Operation with 12 VDC power supply or batteries is possible. It is important to insert a resistor between the valve and the power source. (See diagram on the right.)
  3. Failures in operation so may result in damage to the Shape Memory Alloy.