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Manifolds & Chips for Medical & Analytical Technology

From manifold solutions as modules to disposable plastic chips.

Product overview


Valve manifolds & modules

Valve manifolds & modulesTo optimize the installation space and the fluidic installation, we offer modules combining valves and pumps as a standard solution or according to customer specifications.

PTFE Manifolds

PTFE ManifoldsThis is a 100% PTFE manifold, with internal channels made by the bonding of two layers of modified PTFE. Due to excellent chemical resistance, this product is compatible with a wide range of fluids.

Film Chips

Film ChipsThe Film Chip is extremely thin and made with precise channels micromachined in layers of bonded resin films. It is flexible and can be curved.

Bonded Plastic Chips

Bonded Plastic ChipsIn close coordination with our customers, our partners manufacture customer-specific plastic chips.

Multilayer Manifolds

Multilayer ManifoldsMade of plastic materials such as PMMA, PC, Ultem®, etc.

PDMS Chips

PDMS ChipsPDMS chips can be machined for prototypes and injection molded for low-cost mass production.