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Accessories for fluid technology

Connectors, couplings, hoses.

Product overview


Quick couplings

Quick couplingsOur high-quality couplings are used in a different applications, such as quick couplings for medical technology, analysis technology, pressure industry and many more ...


FittingsWide range of fittings for connecting tubes.

Push-In Fittings

Push-In FittingsPush-in fittings for plastic tubing, e.g. PTFE/PFA

Fittings for PTFE tubing

Fittings for PTFE tubingWo offer Flare Type (SM Series) and Flange Type (FM Series) fittings for PTFE tubes. These are available for M5, M6, M8, 1 / 4-28UNF, 5/16-24UNF threads in the materials ETFE and PTFE.

Capillary Fittings

Capillary FittingsThe fittings for capillaries made of glass or PEEK are made to customer specifications and offer an easy option for connection to microfluidic components such as pumps and valves.

HPLC Fittings & accessories

HPLC Fittings & accessories

We offer many different connectors and accessories for analytical applications to connect pumps, valves and other components.


LuerInternational standardized connectors.


TubingTubing in different materials, from transparent Silicone to chemically resistant PTFE tubes.