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Technical information of diaphragm-separated solenoid valves

Aufbau mediengetrennte Magnetventile

Typical design of diaphragm-separated solenoid valves

The diaphragm solenoid valves are divided into two parts: the valve, which closes the flow path and the drive that operates the valve parts. A membrane inside the valve separates the two parts from each other, so that the medium is only in contact with the valve body and the separating membrane and not with the drive parts. Due to the design of the diaphragm, the potential for corrosion of the cylinder or other drive parts is prevented. The potential for contamination of the medium, due to detachable substances such as dust or metal from wear and tear during longer operating times, is prevented too. The use of chemically resistant materials such as PTFE, PEEK and FFKM enables high chemical inertness. Because of the design, this type of valve is especially suitable for analytical or medical devices.

An overview can be found at diaphragm-separated solenoid valves section.

Functionality of 2/2-way diaphragm-separated solenoid valves

Functionality of 2/2-way diaphragm-separated solenoid valves

Functionality of 3/2-way diaphragm-separated solenoid valves

Functionality of 3/2-way diaphragm-separated solenoid valves

Optimization possibilities for solenoid valves with separating diaphragms

Further information on optimization options for diaphragm-separated solenoid valves:

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Product overview of solenoid valves with diaphragm-separation

You can find an overview of the valves with a separating membrane in the category of media-separated solenoid valves. With the valve series shown here, we offer solutions from 0.4mm orifice size to 10.0mm orifice size, made of inert materials such as PEEK, PPS, PTFE, FKKM, FPM, etc.

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Special solutions for analysis technology, such as gradient mixing valves, slider valves, modular valve blocks and high pressure valves, can be found in the overview of special solutions for analysis technology.

Special solutions for medical technology, such as valves for dialysis systems and chemically inert pinch valves, are listed in the corresponding subcategory of the solenoid valves.

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