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Soft-Seal diaphragm-separated solenoid valves

Soft-Seal diaphragm-separated solenoid valves

The Soft-Seal is used in applications with slightly crystallised liquids or liquids with particles. A small seal made of chemically resistant elastomer protects the PTFE separation diaphragm from particles, which prevents leakage that is otherwise common in PTFE membranes. Due to good chemical resistance, a Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) is used as a Soft-Seal for example.

PTFE diaphragm without Soft-Seal

Exemplary of a PTFE diaphragm without Soft-Seal after switching cycles with a liquid with particles.

You can see clear signs of the usage like many small holes caused by the particles.

PTFE diaphragm with Soft-Seal

Exemplary PTFE membrane with soft seal after a switching cycles with a liquid with particles.

No damages to the PTFE membrane affecting its function.

Overview diaphragm-separated solenoid valves with Soft-Seal

Most valve series of solenoid valves with separating diaphragm are available with a Soft-Seal. An overview can be found on the pages of the diaphragm-separated solenoid valves.