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Internal volume optimised valves (Zero-Internal-Volume)

Internal volume optimized valves

The internal volume is determined by the space between the separating diaphragm and the valve body. When closing the valve, the internal volume is enclosed within the valve body. For hard sealing materials such as PTFE it is often not possible to completely flatten the valve seat.

A special, chemically resistant elastomer is attached to the valve seat of the valves with optimised internal volume in order to completely flatten the seal. This ensures that no medium can become trapped in the valve body.

Overview of valves with an optimized internal volume

We are pleased to discuss with you possibilities to optimize the individual valve series regarding the internal volume for your application. For many of the standard valve series, this is already available optionally:

In the case of microvalves with separating diaphragm, this is often not necessary due to the small nominal diameter and the design-related internal volume. For example: