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Ventiduct - to reduce heat transfer

Ventiduct diaphragm solenoid valves

Ventiduct is an optional component that is mounted between the valve body and the electromagnet to expand the separation of these two parts. This is used for example to meet the following requirements:

  • For volatile and corrosive liquids
  • For liquids with high temperatures
  • For liquids that are very temperature sensitive

Under such conditions the Ventiduct significantly improves the properties of the valve. It protects the metal parts from volatile corrosive fluid, which can be further optimised by an additional separation diaphragm. In addition, heat transfer from the electromagnet is significantly reduced to the fluid, and as a result, fluids with significantly higher temperatures are possible. This is because the heat is not transferred to the magnet.

Valve series with Ventiduct as an option

For valves of the series MTV, WTA, XTA, CTV und STV we can offer the Ventiduct as an option. Please contact us , if you would like to profit from the advantages of this construction method.