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Valve body with push-in connections

Valve body with push-in connections

For valve bodies with push-in connections, plastic tubes made of PTFE / PFA with an outside diameter of 2 mm can be simply plugged in without further processing or additional accessories.

To disconnect, just push the end of the push-in connector and the tube can be removed.

Even if the tube is plugged in, it can be turned, which prevents kinking or twisting after installation in the system.

By integrating this push-in connection directly on the valve body, leakage between the connector and the valve body can be avoided.

Push-in connection - specifications

Push-in connection - specifications
Max. working pressure
7,0 bar at 20°C 4,5 bar at 100°C
Max. fluid temperature
100 °C

Connecting and disconnecting a tube

Push-In connector connection
Push-In connector disconnection

Valves with push-in fittings

Currently this option is available for the following valve series:

These connectors are also available separately with a threaded connection.