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Technical information about latching solenoid valves

The use of latching magnet systems for valves offers the following advantages:

  • Heating of the fluid or the environment by heating a permanently switched coil is reduced to almost zero.
  • Elimination of the energy required to hold the magnet in one position. This makes highly energy-efficient systems possible and it is particularly suitable for battery-powered mobile systems.

A disadvantage of latching valves however is, that there is no de-energised safety position, as the valves maintain their current position in the event of a power failure and do not return to the "normal" position. In some applications, a normally closed position is mandatory to interrupt the flow of the fluid, if the unit shuts off unexpectedly due to system or power failure.

Magnetic temperature comparison

 Comparison of magnet temperature to latching solenoid valves

Categories of latching solenoid valves

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