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Ring Rump - peristaltic pumps

Ring Pump Schlauchpumpen Prinzip

The ring pumps work with a single, eccentrically rotating ring that squeezes the tube in the middle, which significantly minimises the load on the hose. Due to the gentle movement of the ring the service life of the tube is also increased compared to standard peristaltic pumps, so that maintenance intervals can be extended. A special lubricant, applied between the tube and the housing, as well as the insertion of elastic materials on the ring, reduce further friction to maximise the service life of the tube.

Ring Pump peristaltic pumps - advantages in design

  • Peristaltic pumps can be built in particularly small dimensions.
  • Flow rate of nanolitres up to a few litres per minute.
  • Peristaltic pumps with tube operating times of up to 5,000* hours are possible in continuous operation.
  • Low noise versions.
  • Different tube materials make it possible to pump a wide variety of chemicals.

* depending on the pump model, tubing, operating mode, operating conditions and fluid.

Ring Pump peristaltic pumps comparison

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