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Holding voltage - Hit & Hold Circuit

Reduced power consumption and heating of the solenoid coil

Hit & Hold Circuit
Hit & Hold Circuit single
Hit & Hold Circuit dimensions

After switching a solenoid valve by applying the specified voltage, the valve can also maintain this position at a much lower voltage (holding voltage). For example, if a valve is switched with 24 VDC, the voltage can be reduced to 10 VDC under normal conditions to maintain this position.

This circuit provides various advantages, such as a significantly lower power consumption and significantly lower heating of the solenoid, optimisation of the reaction time, increased working pressure, minimisation of sizes, etc.

Our customers can implement this circuit on their own electronic board, or order the Hit & Hold circuit for the valve. This Hit & Hold circuit automatically reduces the voltage to the holding voltage after the inrush time.

Reduced heating of the solenoid by holding voltage

Reduced heating of the solenoid by holding voltage
Input voltage
5 VDC to 27 VDC
Inrush time
100 ms | 300 ms
Output voltage
40% of the input voltage (after the inrush time)

Valves with integrated electronics for holding voltage

The diaphragm-separated solenoid valves, the pinch valves and the special solutions of the Analytical- & medical technology are available with integrated electronics for holding voltage. The electronic is optionally available for the individual valve series. It is integrated in the valve cable and will be delivered together with the valve.