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Valves, Pumps & Modules from BMT Fluid Control Solutions

BMT Fluid Control Solutions has been offering fluid technology components in the fields of medicine, biotechnology, laboratory, chemistry, research, industry, environment and analytics since 1994. Our product range includes e.g. miniature pumps , solenoid valves and pneumatically controlled valves. With standard- and customer-specific components for device- and plant manufacturers, we offer high-quality solutions and innovative new developments.

Solenoid and air operated miniature valves

Our range of valves for gases and liquids include inert valves (diaphragm valves), miniature solenoid valves pinch valves , proportional valves, dosing valves, coaxial valves, mixing valves, check valves, pressure-controlled valves , clean room valves and special valves for analysis technology. When selecting suitable valves, BMT supports and advises its customers with special knowledge, in order to find the best possible components.

Miniature pumps for analysis and medical technology

Our portfolio of self-priming micropumps for liquids and gases includes miniature diaphragm pumps , piezo pumps , peristaltic pumps , micro and miniature pumps, precision pumps, syringe pumps, laboratory pumps, dosing pumps for abrasive and aggressive media in the nanoliter to medium liter range. With different miniature pumps we offer compact delivery pumps for conveying, dosing, or generating a vacuum or pressure.

Microfluidics - Lab on a chip

Microfluidics plays an increasingly important role in biology, analysis and medical technology. The fluidics components needed for on-chip analysis range from micropumps and micro valves to complex chip systems or individual disposable chips. New manufacturing techniques, materials and new developments allow further miniaturization up to so-called lab-on-a-chip.

With the laboratory systems such as the BMT controllers and the BMT software, the entry into the development and experimentation of lab-on-a-chip systems is simplified. Software-controlled programming allows the operation of different components and complete systems in just a few minutes - plug & play!