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Syringe pumps

Syringe pumps play a crucial role in life science research and medical applications, offering precise fluid delivery of nano litre and micro litre range for a wide range of analytical processes. These pumps are designed to handle small volumes of liquids with exceptional accuracy, making them indispensable tools in various scientific disciplines.

Miniature Syringe Pumps

One of the remarkable features of our miniature syringe pumps is their ability to provide size-optimized solutions for delivering volumes down to nanoliter of reagents or samples. In analytical applications, especially in life science research, where precision and control are paramount, these miniature syringe pumps excel. They allow researchers to conduct experiments with minimal sample wastage and ensure accurate dosing for tasks such as chromatography, microfluidics, and drug discovery.

These miniature syringe pumps can be integrated into wearable or portable devices, enhancing the flexibility of medical treatments and improving patient outcomes.

Syringe pumps with rotary valve and driver

Syringe pumps equipped with rotary valves add another dimension to their functionality. The incorporation of rotary valves enables users to select and switch between different reagents or samples seamlessly. This is particularly valuable in multi-channel analytical setups, where various substances need to be introduced into the system at specific intervals or conditions.

The integrated driver of these syringe pumps ensure smooth and accurate fluid delivery, contributing to the overall performance of the analytical or medical device. Motorized syringe pumps with advanced drive systems offer programmable flow rates, allowing these pumps to be integrated easily into a wide variety of devices.