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Sensors | Flow sensors for analytic and medical applications

High-precision measurement of liquid flows in the µl to ml range with fast-reacting time.

Differential-pressure flow sensor technology

Differential-pressure flow sensor technology

The flow sensors determine the volume flow based on the elementary principle of a pressure drop over a restrictor (Delta-P) in the flow channel. In the middle between two pressure sensors there is a circular aperture, which produces a pressure loss. The advantage of this measuring principle is that a very short response time of up to 1 millisecond can be achieved. This enables the measurement of continuous volume flows and even the smallest dosing volumes (droplets).


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Flow measurement of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

These flow sensors are less sensitive to air bubbles, so that easily outgassing liquids, such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), can be measured with high accuracy. Due to the differential pressure measuring principle, the flow sensors react quickly to such gas bubbles and do not take them into account in the measurement. This is possible because the sensor has a fast response time of only 10 milliseconds and no overshoot effects in the event of large changes in volume flow.