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SBP Series - Miniature Syringe Pump

0,105nl (with 1/100 micro-step) | 10,5nl (with Fullstep) dosing steps with 100µl syringe capacity

SBP Series - Miniature Syringe Pump
SBP Series - Miniature Syringe Pump with tip adaptor (Eppendorf® epT.I.P.S., 2-200µl)
SBP Series - Miniature Syringe Pump size
SBP Series - Miniature Syringe Pump versions


This miniature syringe pump has minimum dimensions of only Ø12 × L170 mm with integrated 2-phase stepper motor and transmission. A large number of available connections enable a wide range of options for the varied applications of our customers.

On request, we also offer a miniature 3/2-way valve, which can be attached to the pump head of this miniature syringe pump.

All these features make this pump well suitable for microfluidic applications and mobile devices.

The miniature syringe pumps can be mounted directly on a movable arm. Therefore a needle is immediately attached below the pump, reducing the air gap between the syringe and the sample to a minimum. This leads to higher accuracy.

Miniature syringe pump application example


Syringe capacity
0.105nl (at 1/100 micro-step) | 10.5nl (at Flullstep)
Needle | Luer | M6 (female)
Wetted materials
Glass, PTFE, PVDF, stainless steel (needle)
Fluid temperature range
15 - 40 ° C
Ambient temperature range
15 - 40 ° C
Ø12 × L170 mm (without needle and sensor)
Mounting direction
Controller for Syringe Pumps SBP | SCP
Software SXPC

Controller for syringe pumps SBP | SCP

This controller can be used by both the SBP and SCP series.

By connecting the controller to a PC via USB, the operating speed and volume of the pump can be stored in memory, and the pump can be controlled manually or from a PC.

Syringe pumpsOperating speed
SBP-100G Series0.01 - 20.00 μL/s
SCP-1000G Series0.10 - 500.00 μL/s