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Miniature diaphragm pumps for air & gases

For generating vacuum or pressure of air or gases in the millilitre to litre range.

Product overview

Flow rate (max.)

max. Pressure

max. Vacuum

Diaphragm pumps of the BLACK & ORANGE Edition

Micropumps like the BLACK and ORANGE Edition are used in gas analysis or medical technology - applications in which the extraction or conveyance of air & gases must be realized in smallest spaces. The diaphragm pump editions are available in two different sizes and offer flow rates of up to 1300ml/min. Different models allow the selection of the required operating hours, whereby a price classification is made. The ORANGE Edition is an an entry-level micropump with a life-time of 1,000 operating hours. The BLACK Edition is available in life-time editions with over 35,000 hours.

Comparison of micropumps lifespan

Intelligent diaphragm pumps - BLACK Edition

Thanks to the integrated electronics, the lifespan of the BLACK Edition is over 35,000 operating hours. It also comes with a 3-year warranty, combined with new cost saving control options. The pump electronics transfer the operating voltage into piston stroke movements with a frequency related flow range. The integrated interface makes it possible to read data and set control measures for the micropump. This enables very precise regulation of the pump and the possibility of saving additional electronics.

The firmware of the microcontroller integrated in the pump electronics can be customized to the specific requirements. This enables new possibilities and can save additional electronics. If the ambient parameters of the application are known, it is possible to monitor the generated pressure or vacuum with the intelligent diaphragm pumps of the BLACK Edition for example. This allows to keep the pressure constant in specified ranges - without the use of additional sensors or electronics. We would be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you in relation to your development.

 Further possibilities for the use of the internal electronics are:

  • Calibrated flow rate
  • Constant frequency independent of the back pressure
  • Constant flow rate for battery powered applications