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V100 - BLACK Edition - Micro diaphragm pump

Vacuum version up to 200ml/min

V100 - BLACK Edition - Micro diaphragm pump


With dimensions of just 15 x 15 x 25 mm and an operating life of over 20,000 hours, this intelligent diaphragm pump is a compact solution for applications in medical technology or gas analysis. Because the pump can also be operated with a battery, solutions in small portable devices are possible.

With an integrated ARM processor this pump offers independent control options, as well as the reduction of external components to make systems even smarter and more compact. The pump can be paired with an additional Wi-Fi module, which opens up new possibilities e.g, IoT applications.


Type BLACK Edition V100
Flow rate (max.) 200 ml/m
Vacuum (max.) -300 mbar
Voltage 5VDC | 12VDC
Elektric connection 5 wires cable
Electrical interface Analog Flow Control | I²C interface (not for 3-core cables)
Fluid Air & Gases
Life-time up to 20 000 hours