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P200 BLACK Edition - Micro diaphragm pump

Flow rate up to 400ml/min - optimized for pressure

P200 BLACK Edition - Micro diaphragm pump


Intelligent miniature diaphragm pump for air and gases

Flow rate up to 400ml / min

Optimized for pressure up to 350mbar

Extremly long life-time: up to 35 000 hours

Up to 3 years warranty

New possibilities in the integration of miniature diaphragm pumps through control options via Analog Flow Control, Serial (RS-232), or I2C interface.


BLACK Edition P200
Flow rate (max.)
400 ml / min
Pressure (max.)
350 mbar
Vacuum (max.)
-100 mbar | -150 mbar
5VDC | 12VDC | 24VDC
Electric connection
flex cable | 3 wires cable | 5 wires cable
Electrical interface
Analog Flow Control | Serial Interface (RS-232) (not for 3-core cables)
| I²C interface (not for 3-core cables)
Air & Gases
up to 35,000 hours

Control of the flow volume

With these miniature diaphragm pumps, the flow can be controlled over a wide range. This is possible due to the stroke on the one hand and the frequency on the other. The stroke can be adjusted ex works to the specific parameters as required. The frequency can be controlled by the voltage, which of course also affects the maximum pressure and the maximum vacuum. The intelligent electronics of the pump also allow customer-specific modes to be set, allowing different operating frequencies to be controlled independently of the input voltage.

Feedback of the pump using the serial interface

It is possible to get a feedback on the state of the pump with the BLACK Edition using the the serial interface. These include, but are not limited to, the temperature of the pump and changes in electronic usage by the pump. This allows, for example, the detection of blockages in the fluidic system of the application or for controlling of the pump for measurement tasks in combination with an external sensor.


Calibrated flow rate (Optional)

It is possible to calibrate each pump of the BACK Edition to the desired flow rate. Furthermore, the pump can be limited to a maximum vacuum or a maximum pressure, so that this level is not exceeded.


Constant frequency independent of backpressure (Optional)

This function allows to keep the flow rate stable regardless of the backpressure. If the backpressure of the pump in the application changes in certain areas, the intelligent electronics of the pump can react to this and regulate the required force in order to be able to pump constantly with the same frequency.


Constant flow rate for battery-operated applications

For battery-powered applications, this pump will be able to keep the flow rate constant, regardless of whether the battery is fully charged or nearly empty. For other pumps with a conventional motor, the voltage drops when the battery is low, which also changes the flow rate of the pump. This allows the usage without a voltage regulator for controlling the pump in battery-powered system.