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All-In-One disposable PDMS chip

development project

All-In-One disposable PDMS chip


The All-In-One PDMS chips are triangular and can be combined due to this form almost arbitrary. This allwos variety production possibilities of different microfluidic modules. There are chips with different functions available, such as valve chips, pump chips, chips with a cell culture chamber, connecting chips, etc.

If you are interested in a microfluidic solution using this technique, please contact us.

 All-in-one disposable PDMS chip sample configuration

Sample configuration

This all-in-one system on a disposable PDMS chip is a microfluidic module designed for cell culture. It has peristaltic pumps, miniature valves, and a built-in cell culture space which can be observed under a microscope. The replaceable chip is sterilisable before use. A remote controller is available for this module upon request.