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Technical information about pinch valves

pinch valves function

Pinch valves, have the advantage that the valve does not get in contact with the fluid. Like peristaltic pumps, only the tube is in contact with the fluid, which can be easily changed in most cases. For example, in the case of contamination or crystallization.

Our pinch valves are useful for a wide range of applications for a variety of tube sizes and tube materials. Please ask for further tube sizes and types. We can adapt our valves to your tube!

Many of our pinch valve series are available in addition to the 2/2-way normally closed and normally open types, as 3/2-way versions. The 3/2 way versions are separated between dual and universal types.

3/2-way dual pinch valves

With this type it is absolutely necessary to insert two tubes. The restoring force of the tube is needed to switch the valve.

3/2-way universal pinch valves

With this type the valve can be used in addition to the 3/2-way function, as a 2/2-way normally closed or normally open valve. It is also possible to operate the valve with only one tube inserted.

Product overview of the pinch valves

Pinch valves are available for tubes with inner diameters from 0.8mm to 15.0mm. Under certain conditions the valve series can be adapted to different tube materials and to different pressures. An overview of the individual series can be found on the product pages of the pinch valves section. The smaller series are available as 3/2-way and 2/2-way versions, the larger ones only as 2/2-way versions.