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Special solutions for analytical technology

Our OEM products are made according to the specific needs of our customers. For this reason we can only show you a small introduction into our product range. Please contact us so we can offer you products customized to your needs.

Product overview


SMV Serie Shape Memory Alloy

SMV Serie2/2-way Shape Memory Alloy valve, characterized by extremely compact design and the elimination of the typical noise generated by solenoid valves. Power consumption is only 0.3W.
  • orifice diameter: 0.4 - 0.8mm
  • operating pressure range input: 0 - 2500mbar
  • Low cost

Cartridge type diaphragm valve

Cartridge type diaphragm isolation valve
  • Changeable valve body - without tools
  • Valve body autoclavable
  • High chemical resistance - fluid separated
  • Orientation of valve body as required

PSV-Series Integrated Pinch Valve - no dead volume

PSV-Series Integrated Pinch Valve - no dead volume
  • No dead volume
  • Low internal volume
  • High chemical resistance - FKM & PPS

Miniature Needle Valve MNV Series

MNV SerieFlow rate adjustable
Reduces pulsation of pumps

MTV-6SL-N32UF-1 sample injection valve

MTV-6SL-N32UF-1This 2-position 6-port valve is the first solenoid valve for injecting samples which is controlled by a linear actuator. It is used for example in liquid chromatography. (LC).

MTV-2SL-N32UF slide valve

MTV-2SL-N32UF2/2-way and 3/2-way solenoid valve, which eliminates the pumping volume effect and enables a high pressure range of up to 5bar.

MTV-2-M6(1/4U)GHT-20 high-temperature valve

MTV-2-M6(1/4U)GHT-202/2-way fluid-separated solenoid valve for high-temperature sulphuric acid.

Low pressure gradient mixing valve (LC)

Low pressure gradient mixing valve (LC)This 4-way manifold valve, which was specially developed for low-pressure gradient mixers, has four inputs connected to one common output. The inputs can be controlled with the individual solenoid valves to generate the required mixing ratios. Since the length of the individual channels to the common output are the same, a very high accuracy of the mixing ratio is achieved.

XTA-2E Flexible valve station

XTA-2E Flexible valve stationHighly inert: ETFE, PTFE and FFKM (optional ETFE and FPM or EPDM).
This manifold solution is equipped with 2/2-way XTA or WTA valves and can contain between 3 and 12 valves.