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Proportional Valves for Medical-, Analytical Technology & Industries

Microvalves proportional Overview

The miniature proportional valves for neutral liquids and gases are characterised by optimal use of the smallest installation spaces, a very long service life and high accuracy. These valves enable a stepless and fine control of the flow with high accuracy and repeatability.

We offer different series for a wide range of flow rates ​​and for different gases like air and oxygen for example. The proportional valves are used in many devices of our customers, especially in medical technology, analytics and industry. We are happy to offer customization and calibration opportunities for the integration into our customers applications.

Proportional valves for stepless control

Proportional valves are used in applications where a continuous flow control is required. In contrast to on / off valves, the position of the plunger can be controlled by the current or voltage. This enables a volume change in the flow rates of the medium that flows through the valve.

Proportional valves are often used in devices of analysis and medical technology, in which the flow rate have to be changed due to the process.


depending on whether this signal is achieved from a stronger (from above) or a weaker (from below) electrical control. This difference in flow is given in percent and should be as low as possible to reduce flow volume errors. Our proportional valves are based on the experience of many years of development and are optimized with regard to hysteresis.

Selection of proportional valves

In addition to high accuracy with low hysteresis, fast response times, a long service life span and a compact design are important parameters when choosing high-quality components. Our proportional valves use a flat spring, which enables fine positioning, fast response times and very high life-time.

Starting with outer dimensions of 8mm and only 0.1mm orifice diameter, the control of the smallest flow rates is possible. For large flows, we offer the PC30 series with up to 300l/min on the one hand and the servo proportional valves on the other, which allow the control of very high flow rates at extremely low inlet pressures.

Optionally, these valves are also available for applications with oxygen, which makes them especially suitable for use in medical technology, for example in respirators.