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Micro-Jet valves - high speed for contactless dosing

Product overview


Inline Micro-Jet valve

Inline micro-jet valveDosing speed up to 4000 Hz, dosing quantity below 10 nl possible Hz

Micro dosing valve up to 1500Hz

micro dosing valve up to 1500HzDosing speed up to 1500 Hz, dosing quantity of 100 nl possible, small internal volume - only 37µl, dispensing of liquids & gases

Micro-Jet valve controllers

Micro-Jet valve controllersControl of Micro-Jet valves:
  • SMLD 300
  • SMLD 300G
  • ZJ6

Fast and precise dosing with micro-jet valves

For pressures up to 50bar and switching speeds up to 4000Hz, the Inline Micro-Jet valves are particularly suitable for dosing tasks in the nanolitre to microlitre range. Nozzles in the range from Ø 0.1mm to Ø 0.45mm enable contact-free dosing. The possibility of heating the valves up to 100°C allows the dosing of highly viscous media such as oils or greases.

Time-Pressure dosing with fast switching micro-jet valves

If a medium is placed under constant pressure and this pressure is precisely controlled, the micro-jet valves can be used to precisely dose the smallest droplets down to the nanoliter range. Such systems offer various advantages in comparison to other dosing systems, such as:

  • Very high accuracy and reproducibility
  • Very fast dosing speed
  • Pulsation-free dosing
  • Dosage of very small quantities (nanoliters)
  • Variable dosage range
  • Dosing media with different viscosities (also highly viscous media possible)


Through various configuration options of the micro-jet valves and also extensions such as the valve heater or the attachement nozzle, new areas of application can be opened, such as:

  • Dispense highly viscous media up to 15000 mPa.s (by using the valve heater)
  • Semi-touch dispensing applications
  • Jet and slow drop to avoid splashes (satellites)
  • Aspirating & pipetting of media with the attachement nozzle