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Micro-Jet valve controllers - high speed

Controls for dosing speeds up to 4000 Hz

Jet-Valve controller OEM


Control of Micro-Jet valves:

  • SMLD 300
  • SMLD 300G
  • ZCJ

With PC software for simple programming of dosing sequences.

Valve electronics / valve control microvalves

The valve controls are available in three different versions:

  • MVC-1
  • VC Mini
  • ZC1 Electronics

MVC-1 and VC Mini are differed in the number of connections. Both controllers are configurable using an interface (RS232 or USB) via Java software or directly with command sets. The software allows easy operation of the valves and heating using a graphical user interface for setting and programming the dosing setup. The additional mode for external I/O signals allows the control of preconfigured settings. 

The ZC1 electronics has one channel and is intended as an OEM board for integration into own devices. The valve electronics ZC1 can be parameterised and controlled using an RS-232 interface.

The possible functions are:

  • Single shot
  • Open the valve
  • Shot Series
  • Endless shot series
  • Valve Stop

The following parameters can also be configured:

  • Peak time tp
  • Valve opening time to
  • Cycle time T
  • Peak current lp
  • Holding current lh
  • number of shots
ZC1 Valve electronics
ZC1 Valve electronics
Valve control MVC VC Mini
Valve control MVC VC Mini

Electronic control

The best high-speed operation of the micro-jet valves is achieved by means of dual stage current triggering (Peak and Hold), i.e. a short actuation pulse at elevated current (Ip = 1A) effectuates an instantaneous response and a defined opening stroke of the valve. Once the valve is opened, reducing heat generation, a lower holding current (Ih = 200mA) is sufficient for proper operation during the residual cycle time.

Micro-Jet valve control
Micro-Jet valve control

This is a control example for continuously repeated dosing with a frequency of 1 kHz and a valve opening time of 600 μs. Electronic control example generated with the MVC-1 controller. Peak current 1A, holding current 200mA (th holding time).

Dosierventil Steuerungssoftware

Software for evaluation

The MVC 1 and VC Mini are delivered directly from the factory with a control software.

For the ZC1 electronics, software for evaluation and programming, is optionally available. This enables a quick entry to the metering valve technology. You can find more information about this software and its functions in the wiki description.