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Poppet valves

with 3 and 4 connections, IP 67 and also as latching versions.

Low leakage due to optimized design

By optimizing the spring, shifting forces of the coil and the seals, these valves offer a very low leakage specification. The standard leakage values ​​are a maximum of 4ccm @6.9 bar (100 PSI). This can be further optimized for customer-specific applications, so that such solutions can also be used in leakage testers, for example.

Due to the pressure balance on all connections, these valves are not affected by pressure fluctuations and offer high stability.

Leakage values ​​of a pressure loss of 0.069 bar (1 PSI) at 6.9 bar (100 PSI) over 5 minutes were guaranteed for the valve unit shown here from HK5 valves.

Low leakage manifold HK5

1. 3-Way HK5 Valve
2. Pressure Inlet
3. Outlet
4. Inlet
5. To Differential Pressure
6. Transducer
7. To High Pressure Transducer
8. Electrical Connector


Low leakage manifold HK5 scheme
Low leakage manifold HK5 drawing