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Miniature Needle Valve MNV Series - adjustable flow rate

Reduces pulsation

MNV Series Needle Valve


This valve is highly resistant due to media-contacting materials such as Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) and PEEK (depending on the model also stainless steel).

MNV needle valve manual control

Example for manual control

With this valve the flow can be manually regulated to below one microlitre.

MNV needle valve pulsation damping

Example of pulsation damping

If a micro needle valve of the MNV series is used at the outlet of a piezo pump or a peristaltic pump, the pulsation is significantly dampened. The pulsation of an SDMP302 piezo pump is almost completely dampened, which can be seen in the adjacent graphic.

The low pulsation micro pump unit is such a combined system.