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Sample Injection Valve MTV-6SL

Orifice diameter 0.4mm

Sample injection valve MTV-6SL


This 2-position, 6-port valve is the first solenoid valve for injecting samples, which is controlled with a linear actuator. It is used e.g. in liquid chromatography (LC).

As an alternative to conventional rotary spool valves, this solution offers various advantages. It is much easier to control, offers a smaller design and has a long service life. The interior volume is only 9.0 µl.

A valve with 2 positions and 4 ports is also available.


Sample injection valve MTV-6SL OFF
Sample injection valve MTV-6SL ON


2-Positions 6-Port
Orifice diameter
0.4 mm
Port connection
Rated operating voltage
12 VDC | 24 VDC
other voltages on request
Operating pressure range
input: 0 - 5000 mbar
(special models: 0 - 25000 mbar))
Seal material
Body material
Other wetted materials
SiC (Silicon Carbide)
Fluid temperature
5 - 50°C
Ambient temperature range
5 - 50°C
Power consumption
(3.6W with electronics for holding voltage)
Mounting direction
Fluid resistance
neutral and aggressive liquids / gases
(see resistance lists)
33.0 x 42.0 x 62.0 mm

Customizable to specific requirements (e.g. higher pressure range, different operating mode, higher temperature range, different operating voltage, different port connections, ...)

* (determined value, not guaranteed)