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Low Pressure Gradient Mixing Valve for Liquid Chromatography

Orifice diameter 1.2mm

CTV-2-4MICUK Gradient mixing valve


This 4-way manifold valve, which was specially developed for low-pressure gradient mixers, guides all four inputs to the same output. These four inputs can be controlled via individual solenoid valves to generate the required mixing ratios. Because the length of the individual channels to the joint output is the same, very high accuracy of the mixing ratio is achieved.

Due to a high-precision injection mould for the PEEK body, we are able to offer this 4-way mixing valve at extremely attractive prices.

Gradient mixing valve precise moulding technology

Due to the precise moulding technique, the surfaces of the individual channels are very smooth. Furthermore, each individual solenoid valve can be replaced individually and special optimizations can be made to meet the needs of our customers. For example optimizations to the switching speed and switching accuracy. Please contact us for further information.


CTV-2-4MICUK dimensions