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Pressure Relief Valve - Diaphragm Type for aggressive fluids and gases

Protect the detectors in analytical Instruments from the abnormal pressure of chemicals and samples

Pressure Relief Valve


  • High chemical resistance due to wetted materials PEEK (housing), PTFE (separating membrane) and FFKM (soft seal).
  • Integrated in the flow path, the valve opens at the maximum desired pressure. This protects sensitive components in analytical instruments from undesired pressure peaks.
  • Inexpensive version possible through injection molding.
  • 3-port design, installation directly in the fluidic path (3-way flow structure) prevents dead volumes.

Technical specifications

Relief Pressure
1 – 10 bar

(Relief pressure is customized and preset for each model, and is not adjustable. Relief pressure may fluctuate slightly from preset value due to ambient temperature. Feel free to consult with us about customization options.)
Port Connection
M6 | 1/4-28UNF | Push-in Fitting
(When using a push-in fitting, the wetted materials are only PTFE, PPS, and FFKM.)
φ1.0 mm
Body Material
PPS (Optionally PEEK)
Seal Material
Other Wetted Materials
Details including specifications, etc. may be changed without notification.