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Ultra miniature peristaltic pump portable insulin systems

under development


Ultra miniature peristaltic pump
Ultra miniature peristaltic pump exchangable head


Minimal size with only 11 x 37 x 12mm and therefore especially suitable for portable insulin systems.

Controlled delivery of a few microliters (0.6 µl / revolution) of medication - such as insulin. The flow / dispensing volume can be adjusted depending on the application.

Low power consumption - can be operated with batteries.

The wetted material is only the tube in the pump head and can easily be replaced.

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Flow rate 0.6 μl/rotation (15 μl/min)
Pressure rating (max.) 500 mbar
Voltage 2 VDC
Temperature range 0 – 40°C
Wetted materials Silicone
Dimensions 11 × 37 × 12 mm
Weight 6 g
Optional pressure sensor