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RP-CIII Series - small peristaltic pump with replaceable pump head

Flow rate range up to 2 ml/min (3VDC) | 3 ml/min (5VDC).

RP-CIII series - small peristaltic pump
RP-CIII Series - small peristaltic pump - replaceable pump head
 RP-CIII Series - small peristaltic pump Dimensions


Peristaltic pump based on the Ring Pump principle.

Easily exchangeable pump head using a snap mechanism

Pump head with integrated tube

Minimum dimensions 44.5 × 33.4 × 26.0 mm


Motor DC gear motor
Flow rate 2ml/min | 3ml/min
Channels 1
Working pressure (max.) 300mbar
Tube materials Silicone | Pharmed®
Tube sizes (I.D. x O.D.) 1.6 x 3.2mm
Operating voltage 3VDC | 5VDC
Power consumption 0,36W (3VDC)
Dimensions 44.5 × 33.4 × 26.0 mm
Mounting direction Any
Ring Pump - Schlauchpumpensystem

Ring Pump - peristaltic pump system

The single-ring principle of these peristaltic pumps enables, among other things, a miniature design and a very long service life of the tubes. Read more about this type of peristaltic pump and the advantages on our technical overview page.