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Media-separated solenoid valves for analysis and medical technology

Our OEM products are made according to the specific needs of our customers. For this reason we can only show you a small introduction into our product range. Please contact us so we can offer you products customized to your needs.

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Separating diaphragm solenoid valves are mainly used in the analytical &  medical technology. In applications with aggressive liquids or even gases, the media-contacting materials are limited to the separation membrane, the plastic valve body and possibly a seal, resulting in a high chemical resistance. Due to this separation of fluid from the actuation parts of the valve, the internal volume is significantly reduced. For more information about the design, please see the technical information on diaphragm separated solenoid valves.

Standard solutions and customization of solenoid valves with separating diaphragm

By using high quality materials, robust valve designs and due to the pre-shipment testing of every single valve before delivery, we achieve a long life and reliability. Due to the longtime experience of valve-development we can offer many optimization and hich quality valve solutions, resulting in good flushability and a low internal volume, for example.

Solutions adapted to the requirements and specifications of individual systems allow the use of these diaphragm separated solenoid valves in a variety of devices. Most valve series are available as 3/2-way, 2/2-way normally closed and 2/2-way normally open versions. A wide range of fluidic connections, such as threads, hose barbs or flanges (manifold mount versions) are available depending on the valve series. Together with our partners, we customize the valves according to the requirements in the way of a modular construction system, so that over five thousand customer-specific solutions have already been developed from the individual valve series models. Some of these optimization options include:

Diaphragm isolation solenoid valves in the microfluidic

The compact design of the microvalves makes it possible to use them in the Microfluidic field, such as on chips or in handheld devices. The typical orifice diameters of 0.4mm and 0.8mm, as well as high-quality materials such as PEEK and FFKM allow the minimization of already known solutions and new developments.

Modules from pumps & valves as a complete solution

With our partners, we offer our complete solutions as valve blocks or modules of pumps and valves. This allows the simple use of a tested fluidic unit in the manufacturing process of our customers. Read more about the modules from valves & pump code.