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MCV Series - Diaphragm isolation solenoid valve

Orifice diameter 2.0mm

MCV Series Valve
MCV 2-way valve


2/2-way diaphragm isolation solenoid valve with fluid separation.


Type 2/2-way normally closed
Orifice diameter 2.0 mm
Port Connection M6 | 1/4-28UNF | Hose barbs
Rated operating voltage 12 VDC | 24 VDC
other voltages on request
Operating pressure range input: -270 - 1000 mbar
outlet: 0 - 500 mbar
Fluid temperature range 0 - 60°C
Ambient temperature range 0 - 60°C
Power consumption 2,6W
Operating duration 100% ED
Diaphragm material FPM
Housing material PPS
Dimensions Ø26.0 x 48.7 mm
Mounting direction Any
Fluid Resistant to neutral and aggressive liquids / gases
(see resistance lists)