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Inline miniature solenoid valve - 10mm

10mm outer dimension

Axial Miniature Solenoid Valve Stainless Steel Thread
Axial Miniature Solenoid Valve Stainless Steel Hose Nozzles
Axial Miniature Solenoid Valve Plastic / Brass
Axial miniature solenoid valve Application example
AMV-MVN Axial miniature valve
AMV-EVN Axial miniature valve
AMV-MVM Axial Miniature Valve


2/2-way normally closed with plastic or stainless steel body.

High pressure range up to 10bar.

Fast response time.

Very high flow rate: 90 l/min air at 8 bar

Small dimensions: Diameter 10 mm x 42.5 mm

The inline flow direction makes it ideally suited for devices with limited spaces.

The inline valves are free of dead space and offer optimum flushability due to their design.


2/2-way normally closed
Port Connections
Hose barbs | M3 External thread | O-ring
Rated Voltage
24 VDC
Operating Pressure range
0 - 10 bar (for air)
Flow rate (at 10 bar with air)
100 l/min
Reinforced polyamide with brass inserts | Stainless steel
Power consumption
2 W | 2.2 W
Operating duration
100% ED
Mounting direction
Ø10.0 x 42.5 - 43.0 mm (depending on the model)