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10mm micro cartridge valve - 40l/min - high flow

Fast switching times

CSV 10mm
CSV 10mm side
CSV 10mm side 2
CSV 10mm application example
CSV 10mm dimensions
CSV 10mm pin options


  • 2/2-way and 3/2-way valves in a compact design
  • High flow rate with 40l/min at 2 bar (0.075 Cv)
  • Fast switching times: 10ms ON, 6ms OFF
  • Pressure balanced: max. 2 bar on all connections
  • Low weight with only 11 g


Type 2/2-way normally closed | 2/2-normally open | 3/2-way
Port connection Cartridge
Media air, oxygen, inerte gases
Dimensions 10mm
Voltage 12 VDC | 24 VDC
Flow rate 40l/min @ 2bar (0,075 Cv)
Pressure 0 - 2 bar (each connection)
Seal material NBR | (optional FKM)
Ambient temperatur range 0 - 52 °C
Body material Acetal, LCP
Inner parts Stainless steel
Power consumption 2 W
Response time 10 ms ON, 6 ms OFF
Operating duration Intermittent (Continuous with hit-and-hold operation)
Mounting direction Any (preferably upright)
Weight 11 g