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PM / PMK Serie - Pinch Valve

Tube size: 0.8-2.0 x 2.4-4.0mm (ID x OD)

PMK Series Valve Head with Tube Holder
PM Series Valve straight head


2/2-way and 3/2-way pinch valve.


2/2-way normally closed
2/2-way normally open
Tube inner diameter(ID)
0.8 - 2.0 mm
Tube outer diameter(OD)
2.4 - 4.0 mm
Rated voltage
12 VDC | 24 VDC
other voltages on request
Operating pressure range
0 - 1500 mbar
Tube material
Silicone | Pharmed® | Tygon
Please ask for further tube sizes and types, we will be pleased to adapt our valves to your tube!
Ambient temperature range
0 - 50°C
Power consumption
4.4 W
Operating duration
100% ED
Mounting direction
26.0 x 40.0 x 60.0 mm

The pinch valves can be customized to your tubes to achieve optimum closing force.

Customizable to specific requirements (e.g. higher pressure range, different operating mode, higher temperature range, different operating voltage,  ...)