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SDMP320 Piezo pump with 20ml/min flow

Materials in contact with fluid: COC and EDPM

SDMP320 Piezo pump with 20ml/min flow


Piezo pump with 20ml/min as maximum flow rate.

Their small and thin design, as well as their low weight, are just a few advantages of piezo pumps. Because of their quiet operation and very low power consumption, new possibilities in fluidics are revealed. By changing the voltage (stroke) and frequency, a large flow range can be covered - from a few µl up to ml.

Piezo pump design

Piezo pump design SDMP320


Flow rate (max.) 20ml/min
Operating pressure (max.) 350 mbar
Suction pressure (max.) -10mbar (self-priming)
Connections hose barbs (O.D. 2.8 - I.D. 1.6 - L 5.0 mm)
Operating voltage 60 - 250 Vp-p
10 - 60 Hz
Wetted materials COC and EDPM
Fluid temperature range 5 - 50°C
Ambient temperature range 5 - 50°C
Weight approx. 9 g
Power consumption 22 mW (at 40Hz)
48 mW (at 60Hz)
Mounting direction Any
Dimensions 33.0 x 33.0 x 3.5 mm

Customizable to specific requirements (e.g. higher pressure range, different operating mode, higher temperature range, higher flow rates, ...)