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Miniature osmosis pump system

under development

Miniature osmotic pump system


The Electro-Osmotic Pump (EO pump), which employs electroendosmosis, generates no pulsation. It is ideal for pulsation-sensitive microfluidic systems, but only de-ionised water, methanol, or ethanol can be directly pumped. To overcome this limitation, this pumping unit utilises an internal diaphragm that isolates the ethanol etc. from the liquid to be delivered. This indirect pumping mechanism enables you to pump various liquids.

Internal structure

Internal structure osmotic pump unit

Pulsation-free performance - comparison

 Pulsation-free performance - comparison

Flow Characteristics

Osmotic pump flow characteristics


Osmotic pump dimensions


Working fluid
Flow rate
0 - 100μl/min
Pressure (max.)
3000 mbar
Pump capacity
Wetted materials
PC and FPM