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Micro pump unit with osmosis pump - IBP Series

Under development

Micro pump unit with osmosis pump


This pump is based on the electroendosmosis principle and offers outstanding features such as:

  • no pulsations
  • quiet operation
  • small size
  • lightweight
  • low power consumption
  • high pressure up to 10 bar

Linear control of flow rate through the change in voltage.

Optionally battery operable. (Voltage step-up circuit is required)

Internal strcuture

IBP internal structure

This pumping unit uses an Electroosmotic pump as the pressure source. As shown in the figure, the diaphragm is pressurized from the top by the working fluid, and thus, the liquid to be delivered is pumped out. Suction is also possible by reversing the polarity of the applied voltage when ethanol is used as the working fluid. (Optional Feature)


Working principle

IBP Working principle

Pulsation free flow

IBP pulsation free flow 2,5µl/min
IBP pulsation free flow 5µl/min

Comparison of pulsation with a syringe pump.

This graph is an example of the features of this product and does not guarantee performance.


IBP Dimensions


Power Consumption
10 mW
Other Wetted Materials
PEEK and Silicone
5 mL
Flow Rate
up to 10 µL/min
Discharge Pressure
2 bar (optionally up to 10 bar)
Approximately 105 g (Excluding Liquid)