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Electro Osmotic Pumps - Pulsation-free miniature pumps for Microfluidics

Flow rate approx. 10µl/min at 24VDC, 60µl/min at 150VDC

Electro Osmotic Pumps
EBP Electro Osmotic Pump with connector


The electric osmosis pumps are extremely small in design and use the electroosmotic effect to generate an adequate flow. In addition to their small size, they are characterised by pulsation-free and silent pumping, since the pumping principle does not require any mechanically moving parts.

A high output pressure is also possible and the flow rate can be controlled in proportion to the applied voltage. Due to its very low power consumption, this type of pump is very suitable for battery-operated applications.

Osmotic-Pump Flow Generation Principle

Flow Generation Principle

  1. The solid surface has a negative charge.
  2. The cations in the liquid are attracted to the negatively charged solid surface.
  3. The thin liquid layer close to the surface is charged positively.
  4. The charged liquid layer is dragged by electric field.
  5. Flow is generated → Electro-osmotic flow.

Structure Electro Osmotic Pumps

Structure Electro Osmotic Pumps


Flow rate
approx. 10µl/min at 24VDC, 60μl / min at 150VDC - proportional to the voltage
Pressure (max.)
approx. 10 bar
Directly usable liquids
Deionized water (demineralized water) | Methanol | Ethanol
Other liquids can be conveyed indirectly
Ø12 x 17.6mm