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BMT stepper-motor pump controller

For Research Use Only (RUO) - Laboratory Instrument

This controller together with the BMT software is specially developed and tested for the BMT stepper motor pumps.

[Translate to Englisch:] BMT Schrittmotor-Pumpen Steuerung
BMT Stepper controller OEM


Individual control of up to two stepper motor pumps using constant current: adjustable 0 - 440mA

Control of RPM, Speed ​​(PPS) or individual steps.

Fullstep, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 or 1/128 microsteps.

Operation possible in both directions - CW and CCW (depending on the pump).

Each connection individually adjustable and programmable.

Software solution for controlling and programming the pumps and linking several different BMT controllers together to one system using LAN or WiFi connection: Start networking your fluidics!

As an OEM version also without housing.

General program options

  • Loading and saving of program sequences over all connected controllers
  • Operate directly using the software on the controller
  • Starting programs with a USB stick at the controller (stand-alone solution)

Start networking your fluidic experiments

The controller can be connected to other BMT controller such as the DC controller and piezo controller to combine them to a network and programm them centrally using the BMT software. This means that a multible type of pumps and valves can be easily combined to many different fluidic solutions.

More information about the software solution can be found at our manual-website:

Our community platform was set up for discussions, new software versions and announcements relating to the controllers:

Examples of the software solution to control stepper motor driven pumps

BMT network controller
BMT network controller
Manual control of a stepper motor driven pump
Manual control of a stepper motor driven pump
Configuring a program - quick and easy
Configuring a program - quick and easy
Configuration of the stepper motor driven pump parameters
Configuration of the stepper motor driven pump parameters