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PCRL Electronic pressure regulator - low flow

Optimized for low flow rates

PCRL pressure regulator
PCRL pressure regulator dimensions


  • High accuracy and fast response time - due to proportional valve technology
  • Quiet operation - even at low pressures
  • Long service life - with several million cycles

Small flow version with Cv of 0.02.


Media air, inerte gases (optional oxygen)
Pressure ranges 0 - 3.4 bar | 0 - 6.8 bar
Ambient temperature 0 - 70°C
Related voltage 12 VDC | 24 VDC
Cv 0.02
Response time 1 sec.
Pressure accuracy (typical) +/- 0,5% (full span)
Linearity (typical) +/- 0,5% (full span)
Connections 10-32 UNF
Internal valve wetted materials Cold-rolled stainless steel w/electroless,
nickel plating, brass, 304 and 403 stainless steel,
FKM seals, Nylon, Aluminum
Control signals 0 - 5V | 0 - 10V
Output signal 0 - 5V
Power supply 12 VDC | 24 VDC
Power consumption max. 200 mA
Weight approx. 273 g
 Structure of PCRL pressure regulator - low flow

Structure of PCRL pressure regulator - low flow

Analog control circuitry compensates for dynamic changes in output pressure, offering fast, accurate, closed-loop pressure control characteristics.

The incorporation of two proportional control valves offers fast and smooth pressure control, excellent resolution, as well as optimized response times when pressure venting, and reduced overall air (media) consumption.

Relief port can be plugged (with PF fitting), allowing for non-relieving type function.

Typical flow characteristics

PCRL pressure regulator performance