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Quick couplings optionally with shut-off valve

Our high-quality couplings are used in a different applications, such as quick couplings for medical technology, analysis technology, pressure industry and many more ...

Advantages of Kent Systems tube couplings:

  • A secure open and close with one hand is possible (as soon as one side is fixed)
  • The design of the "shut-off" valves is a double chamber system that closes when the couplings are opened. (This design allows the easy and safe opening of the quick couplings even under high pressure, similar to low-pressure applications.)
  • Easy installation into your new or existing product. (Please send us your specifications, we are happy to offer suitable components.)
  • The quick-release couplings snap into place, preventing over-tightening and accidental opening.
  • The action of opening and closing of the quick couplings is identical, making handling extremely easy.
  • An ergonomic design makes handling easier for the user while keeping the space requirements compact.
  • Long and safe life of the couplings even with numerous connections and disconnections.
  • Offering for an affordable price, which makes it also interesting as a disposable item.

About Kent Systems

The founders of Kent Systems, Kent and Gloria, started in 1968 with the comnpany Value Plastics. After the sale of Value Plastics in 1995, Kent Systems was founded in 2001 with the goal to design quick couplings and fittings that have advantages to the design of existing products on the market. Until 2004, these fittings and quick couplings were sold exclusively by Eldon James, meanwhile, Kent System has set up its own partner network.


The following collections are currently available. Each collection is divided into:

  • Open-flow (with shut-off valve (type X))
  • Triggering open-flow (open counterpart to shut-off valve (type Y))
  • Shut-off (without shut-off valve (type W)),

which offers a wide range of connection options (tubes, thread, tank mount, etc.).

Lower internal volume in comparison!

Intuitive operation

Kent Systems quick couplings are extremely easy to use. To connect the coupling plug, you only need to insert the male coupler into the female coupler and turn it a quarter-turn clockwise.

Disconnecting the couplings is as easy as connecting. You only need to make a quarter-turn counterclockwise to disconnect again.

Safe connection and disconnection even under pressure

KENT Systems couplings also work better than other couplings at high pressures. The secret to this advantage lies with our cam action shut-off valve. When connecting our couplings, the locking lug holds the product together and a seal is created before the valve begins to open. As a result, the user is not forced to overcome the line pressure or messy leaks when connecting the couplings.