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Luer Lock Couplings

International standardized connectors.

[] Luer Kupplungen männlich
[] Luer Kupplungen weiblich


Luer lock connections are one of the fundamental components in medical technology and healthcare, enabling a secure and reliable connection between medical devices such as syringes, catheters, and other instruments. They are known for their easy handling and precise sealing.

Luer lock connections are used in a wide range of medical applications. They are found in syringes to precisely dose and administer medications. They are also used in catheters, blood collection systems, perfusion sets and collection needles. This versatility makes them an indispensable part of clinical practice and patient care.

Luer lock connections are characterized by their ingenious thread design, which ensures an exact and secure connection between two components. The thread allows for precise alignment and locking, preventing unwanted loosening during medical procedures. This is particularly important when administering medication or taking samples.

In medicine, maintaining sterile conditions is of utmost importance to avoid infections. Luer lock connections are designed to provide a reliable seal and thus prevent the entry of germs or contaminants. This is crucial, especially during invasive procedures and medication administration.

Large selection of connectors - disposable and reusable connections

Luer lock connectors are available in various sizes and styles to meet the needs of different medical devices. This ensures high compatibility and flexibility in selecting the right connection for specific applications. Depending on sterility and cost requirements, Luer lock connections can be designed as disposable or reusable connections. Disposable connections are often used in single-use products to ensure sterility, while reusable connections can be reused in certain situations.


Luer Lock Fittings in our Onlineshop

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