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Fittings for PTFE tubing

Standard and compact fittings and plugs for PTFE tubing.

Flangeless Fitting PTFE Tubing
Flare type fitting
Flange type fitting


Flangeless fittings for PTFE tubing are used as high-quality tubing connections for PTFE tubing in life-science industry. In applications where the highest requirements for corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and purity apply, these connectors demonstrate their strengths. They are made from the durable materials like PVDF or PPS . These high-performance thermoplastics are known for their exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals and high temperatures.

  • Easy assembly - no tools needed
  • For PTFE, PVDF tubes with an outside diameter of 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm and 3.2mm
  • With threaded connections: 1/4-28UNF, M6
  • Materials: PPS, PVDF (Ferrule ETFE)
Fittings for PTFE tubes - Flare Type
Fittings for PTFE tubes - Flare Type Construction

The Flare Type fittings have a flat threaded base, which makes them easy to install because you do not have to enlarge the end of the PTFE tubing.

Fittinge für PTFE Schläuche - Flange Type
Fittings for PTFE tubes - Flange Type Construction

The end of the PTFE tubes must be enlarged for the Flange Type fittings.

Our flare type (SM series) and flange type (FM series) fittings for PTFE tubes are available for threads M5, M6, M8, 1/4-28UNF, 5/16-24UNF in the materials ETFE and PTFE.

L-pieces and connectors in R1/8, R1/4, R3/8 are also available.

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Onlineshop for PTFE-Tube Fittings

An overview of the connectors for PTFE tubes with filter options according to size, material, connection, etc. can be found in our online shop.