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Flexible Kynar®-PVDF / TPU tubing - Shore-A 85

Very high chemical resistance due to Kynar® inner coating (PVDF).

Flexible Kynar®-PVDF tubing


Due to the inner coating with PVDF, this tubing is highly chemical resistant, but remains flexible due to the outer tube material TPU. This enables the use of barbed-connectors, which allows the easily, quickly and cost-effectively implementation of fluidic paths in devices compared to 100% PTFE tubing.


  • Shore A 85
  • Temperature range: Up to 80°C
  • very low extractability and leachability.
  • low protein binding
  • compatible with e-beam sterilization

Approvals and standards

Due to the USP Class VI approval and FDA conformity, this tubing is used in pharmaceutical and bioprocessing applications, as well as in life science.

The tubing is manufactured in the clean room according to ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-4 standard.

They are made from non animal derived components and therefore BSE/TSE compliant.

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Flexible Kynar®-PVDF Tubing in our Onlineshop

We offer the Flexible Kynar®-PVDF Tubing in our online shop in quantities of 15m / package.

If you need larger quantities or are interested in prefabricated tubing-sets with connectors, we look forward to your inquiry.