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Custom tubing assemblies

Precise solutions for biomedical and life-science device manufacturers

Tube Assemblies


In the rapidly evolving world of biomedical and life science devices, precision and reliability are of paramount importance. Our custom tubing assemblies have established themselves as essential components for manufacturers in these industries, providing customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of complex instruments and systems. These assemblies, comprised of carefully selected materials, connectors and configurations, are designed to ensure the seamless flow of liquids and gases and support critical applications in research, diagnostics and patient care.

Our partner produces environmentally friendly PVC/DEHP-free hoses, fittings and assemblies. With a Class 7 clean room for the production of connectors, hoses and packaged assemblies, it is possible to produce high-quality products from USP Class VI polymers for medical technology and life science.

Tailored to your individual needs

Custom tubing assemblies are designed to meet the specific needs of biomedical and life science device manufacturers. Whether it is a diagnostic instrument, a bioprocess system or a medical device: the assemblies manufactured to your requirements can be adapted to exact specifications. This ensures that the fluidic components are seamlessly integrated into the overall design, optimizing performance and precision.


Colored tube assemblies

Material expertise in component selection

Biocompatibility and chemical compatibility are crucial factors in biomedical and life science applications. Our connectors, hoses and custom hose assemblies are made from materials that meet strict industry standards and regulatory requirements. These materials are selected to prevent leaching, contamination, or reaction with the liquids or gases they come into contact with, thereby ensuring the safety and integrity of the experiments.

Tube Assembly example

Ensuring sterility

Maintaining a sterile environment is critical in many life science and medical applications. Our components and assemblies can be manufactured and packaged in a Class 7 cleanroom, preventing contamination. Depending on the material selected, the products are suitable for autoclave or gamma sterilization.

Complex configurations

Biomedical and life science devices often require complex fluidic configurations. Tube assemblies designed to meet your needs can be customized to accommodate this complexity, including multiple branches, different tube diameters and specialized fittings. This flexibility allows manufacturers to meet the specific needs of their applications without compromising performance.

Example tube assembly Y-Fitting

Take advantage of our broad product and manufacturing options

  • Colored or natural tube options
  • Colored Luer connections for line distinction
  • Large selection of connectors and quick couplings (no spill)
  • LaserWeld™ products available with T-piece, cross and Y-barbed fittings, and mini and 1" flange connectors
  • Pre-coiled tubing for space-saving
  • Filtration assemblies
  • Tubing assemblies for peristaltic pumps
  • Laser Clamp® welding technology
  • Manufacturing and packaging in a clean room
  • Single use and autoclavable
  • Individual packaging solutions