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HVC series thruster valves

HVC series thruster valves


2.8 MPa pressure rating

Frictionless moving core


Solenoid Type
2-way N.C. (Normally Closed)
Orifice Diameter
1.5 mm
Port Connection
IN: Pipe
OUT: O-ring (Manifold Mount)
Operating Pressure Range
0 – 2.8 MPa
Pressure Drop (Max.)
0.17 MPa (differential) at 12.7 g/sec H20
Temperature Range
4 – 121˚C *1
Rated Voltage
24 – 32 VDC
Power Consumption (Max.)
18 W at 32VDC, 4˚C
Duty Cycle
Intermittent ED: 11%
Maximum On Time: 7 min at 32 VDC, 20˚C
Sealing Material
EPDM (Optionally FKM, FFKM)
200 g

*1: The temperature range may change depending on the sealing material.

Note: Details including specifications may change at any time without notification.