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Beta-titanium needles for medical and analytical technology

High precision, flexible and non-magnetic

[] Nadeln aus β-Titan für die Medizintechnik und Analysentechnik


Having absolutely no magnetism makes it particularly suitable for analyzers that use magnetic particles, like an immunoassay system.

The fine bore polishing (Ra 0.02 at minimum) reduces the carryover of samples (especially proteins), system flushing time and sample loss

Beta-Titanium needles flexibility

Beta titanium needles flexibility

These sample needles, used for example in liquid handling, can not be bent since their original shape is restored. They are long-lasting due to its shape recovery characteristics with respect to bending (high tensile strength and superior spring characteristics), which contributes to longer life expectancy compared to stainless steel probes.

Their very smooth inner surfaces make these needles especially suitable for precisely dosing and aspirating of samples in the analysis field.

Comparison of the properties of β-titanium to stainless steel

corrosion resistance
not magnetic
very well
stainless steel
can be magnetic